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When a company is hired as a general contractor, it means, that the company becomes responsible for the means and methods used to execute the construction within the project’s established parameters.
We give every project the same time and attention to ensure high-quality construction for the best value, because we want every owner to be completely satisfied.


ZWC will oversee the management of the entire project. We provide expert recommendations that will garner the most value from your construction and maintenance budget. Our scope of services we offer to our clients encompass:
Owner Representation/Consulting Services
Site Evaluation
Concept drawing/Budget estimates
Value engineering
We apply our experience, knowledge of construction, internal capacity, strong corporate culture and value-added construction approach to help ensure the project is completed within our client’s requirements.


Structural steel work of all
Installation and maintenance of pumping stations, raw water and net stations.
Installation and maintenance of all heating and cooling systems for buildings and institutions.
Installation & Supplying Rehabilitation of the electrical control devices LV, MV.


ZWC is well adept in all genres of construction from base building and commercial renovation to full scope tenant fit-out. Our professional capabilities encompass extensive multi-disciplinary work in mixed use developments, civil infrastructures improvements, public work facilities and commercial building construction.
Our commitment to utilizing advanced technologies in estimating, value engineering, scheduling, project management, document control, cost control and supervising a dedicated labor force, makes us a company above all others!


ZWC considers all cost implications relative to your long-term investment objectives when you are ready to improve the functionality, image and investment value of your space.
Operational and maintenance needs are evaluated before construction begins and tight financial and schedule controls keep your project on time and within budget. ZWC is dedicated to maintaining a clean, safe and non-disruptive workplace during your renovation. Close supervision, knowledge of building codes and compliances, and long standing relationships with the best subcontractors are the components that assure the highest quality of standards and practices go into your renovation project


From ambulatory surgery and cancer centers to replacement hospitals and intensive care units. ZWC has successfully delivered a wide variety of health care-related projects. Their completed projects range in size and scope, and include vertical expansions, additions and renovations and greenfield facilities.
ZWC is providing preconstruction and construction services to clients from Kindergarten to Higher Education. We have completed numerous education work and have the people, programs and procedures in place to meet stringent customer requirements. From public schools to private institutions, our firm has successfully delivered a wide variety of educational facilities on time and within budget.
ZWC serves clients throughout the Iraq. High percentage of the our clients are repeat business, in no small part due to the comprehensive approach taken with each project and the commitment to working closely with designers, owners and program managers to ensure overall success.
Entertainment-Sports & Leisure
ZWC has an extensive history of successfully completing stadiums, aquatic centers, museums, theme parks and large-scale retail and dining facilities. Whether it is a themed attraction, a clubhouse, an arena or aquarium, we have the knowledge and experience to take a project from concept to completion. As one of the preeminent design-build firms, we work collaboratively with our entertainment/sports and leisure clients, designers and consultants to ensure that value is built into the drawings and realistic budgets are established and met.


Design-build refers to an approach where the client works with one point of contact from design to completion rather than a number of architects, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers. Using the Design-Build approach, the contractor provides design and construction services as a single point of contact. Working together in a Design-Build arrangement, the project team can successfully reduce the overall project timeline (from design to completion), increase the efficiency of the construction process, and often reduce the overall cost of the project.


ZWC realizes every client has different needs and that design and construction can be very daunting tasks. If you already have a contractor or would just like someone to handle the management of your project in order to protect your interests, ZWC can take over the reins for you. We will work with your architect and contractors in order to ensure all work is completed according to the plans, specifications, and job schedule. Our professional experience can help reduce change order costs, minimize mistakes, implement proper job safety, and ensure on-time project completion within your budget.


The work of Supplying :
Supplying of all the belongings of networks and stations, sewage and raw water and the net.
Supplying of heavy equipment and Cars
Supplying of electrical control devices and computers and other office equipment.
Works communications and networks:
Supply and installation of switches and maintenance of communications and rehabilitation.
Supply and installation of systems and Internet communication systems via satellite.
Supply lines and Internet services.
Supply and control systems installed and observation.

  • Supply & setup units and geographic information systems (GIS).

10- Oil & Gas Services

Design, manufacture and installation of oil tanks of various kinds and sizes
Design, manufacture and installation of compression Equipment
Installation of oil and gas pipes
Monitoring and Manifold measurement device
Terminals for Insulation and isolation of gas
Pumping stations and the water boosters
Supplying all types of valves and delivery parts
Supply of extinguishing systems
API Storage Tanks
Plant Piping
Equipment›s (Allied and Rotating)
Valves (Motorized and Manual)
Steel Structures